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Welcome to the Vogue-Eyewear website (the “Website”) and thank you for your visit. We invite you to read the following terms and conditions of use of the Website. Access to the Website entails the unconditional acceptance of the following terms and conditions (the “Terms and Conditions”).

The Terms and Conditions of use of the Website may be modified by Luxottica Group S.p.A. in its discretion at any time and without prior notice. Website Contents The Website is owned and managed by Luxottica Group S.p.A., an Italian company with registered offices in Piazzale Luigi Cadorna 3, 20123 Milan, Italy (hereafter “Luxottica”). All the contents of the Website, including product images, marks, diagrams, drawings, icons, photographs, page layout and any video and/or audio files are subject to copyright and all other applicable industrial and intellectual property protection laws, and it may not be reproduced, modified, or used, in whole or in part, without the prior written consent by Luxottica or any other person holding title over such rights.

In collecting and presenting the information contained in the Website Luxottica has taken all reasonable care. Nonetheless such information should be considered as merely indicative and no representation is made as to its accuracy, completeness, utility, nor any other possible utilization by users. Luxottica shall not bear any liability for any mistake, inaccuracy, or omissions related to said information. Links The Website may contain links to other websites. Links are provided solely for the utilization and convenience of users, and do not represent any form of association between Luxottica and the linked websites. Luxottica has no control over such websites and holds no responsibility whatsoever for the content thereof, or for any damages deriving from the utilization of such websites by third parties.

Luxottica shall not bear any responsibility for any loss, damage, cost, or any whatsoever liability suffered by users in consequence of accessing and navigating on such websites. It is understood and acknowledged that any linking or framing to the Website (or any of its parts) are strictly prohibited without the prior written consent by Luxottica. Vogue-Eyewear Style Miles Platform The Website may include the possibility, for users registering to the “Vogue Eyewear Style Miles” service (hereafter “Platform”) to collect so-called “Miles” points (by performing specific actions or activities) in order to obtain virtual awards called “Badges”. The user acknowledges and accepts that Miles do not represent real currency and do not have any monetary value, and thus they may not be converted, including at a later time, into real currency.

Luxottica does not bear any liability with regard to the nature, quality, and characteristics of the Platform or any of its contents or services accessible through the Platform or through the utilization of the Miles. Should a user’s account no longer be active and/or should access to the Platform no longer be possible and/or suspended or interrupted for any reason whatsoever, Luxottica reserves the right to interrupt the service in whole or in part at its sole discretion. In this case no right may be claimed by the final user with regard to the utilization of the Miles or the Platform.

It is also understood that Luxottica assumes no responsibility for any “hacking” of the Platform, for the use of the Platform or the Miles, for any loss of Miles or any content or service in the Website. In case of loss of Miles, Luxottica shall have no responsibility towards the final user, nor shall it be subject to any obligation to “reimburse” such loss. Nonetheless, Luxottica may “reimburse” the Miles exclusively when their loss from the user’s account came as a consequence of any Platform’s technical or operational problem which may be directly attributable to Luxottica. In this case Luxottica shall only be responsible for the reimbursement of the Miles lost. It is understood and acknowledged that Luxottica reserves the right to modify the number of Miles and/or the contents of the Platform and/or the services and activities therein provided, through which awards may be obtained, without any prior notice.

Miles or other points may be earned by completing certain activities. These Miles can be displayed in the user’s account profile and may be used to determine the level of activity of the Platform. Disclaimer Luxottica may not be held liable for any damage, either direct or indirect, including any interruption of income, deriving from the use or from the inability to use this Website or any of its contents, including also any connected website, either directly or indirectly, as well as for any omission or mistake. Privacy For any information over the use of your personal data, please refer to our Disclaimer on the Personal Data Protection Code.

Applicable Law This Website is controlled and operated by Luxottica Group S.p.A., with registered offices in Piazzale Luigi Cadorna 3, 20123 Milan, Italy. These Terms and Conditions of Use are regulated by and interpreted in compliance with the Laws of Italy. The Court of Milan shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any dispute or claim for damages deriving from or relating to the use of this Website or the access to its contents.

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