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We’re all united under the stars, but every astrological sign has a unique style.
Shop the sunglasses that best channel your zodiac energy.

Aries description image

You want anything that screams LOOK AT ME!
We hear ya. These brightly tinted lenses are your Aries ally.

VO4083S 8 colors Shop Now

Trends schmends.
You’re all about classic Hollywood glamor that’s forever fashionable.

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Taurus description image
Gemini description image

Frames as sharp as your inquisitive mind.
Get them in every color to express all sides of
your personality.

VO4106S 3 colors Shop Now

A fine metal frame and soft gradient lenses to suit your understated style mantra.

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Cancer description image
Leo description image

Did you say limited edition?
Spark your lion-like prowess with this exclusive model.

VO5212S 9 colors Shop Now

Only clean-lined, minimalist frames will do. (Because obviously they need to match all of your clean-lined, minimalist accessories.)

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Virgo description image
Libra description image

Rose-tinted lenses to reflect your view of the world; angular curves to bring that sense of balance that you love.

VO5311S 5 colors Shop Now

Black on black will emphasise your attributes of power and mystery. Everyone will stare but they’ll never see into to your soul!

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Scorpio description image
Sagittarius description image

This bold cat-eye pair was born ready for all of your fire sign adventures – they’re Jet Set, fun and flirtatious.

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It’s no secret that you love practical style. But your sunglasses are far from boring – this easy-to-wear frame is a rare combination of earthy red and brown.

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Capricorn description image
Aquarius description image

Look no further than this retro shape synonymous with all things peace & love. We know you’ll make this iconic style into something totally new.

VO4085S 5 colors Shop Now

Expressive details best represent your artistic attributes. Enter this zany tortoiseshell cat-eye.

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Pisces description image