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Blanca Suarez - Cinema is everything to me
Cinema is everything to me. I can watch films over and over and discover something new every time, especially in the great classics. And it’s not just for work – films give me inspiration for everyday life. Why don’t you try it? Watch an old film again and lose yourself in the details. Then reinterpret it your own way and voilà!
Blanca Suarez - When I study for a part, nothing is left to chance
When I study for a part, nothing is left to chance. It’s not because I’m fussy, I just embrace the details because I love adding a personal touch to everything I do. Want to know what style I’m creating today? Here’s a clue – it’s related to the role I enjoy most.
Blanca Suarez - Being an actress goes hand in hand with traveling
Being an actress goes hand in hand with traveling, whether it’s by train, plane, taxi, car … But today, I’m taking a different kind of transport. Friend in tow, glasses on, hair blowing in the wind, and we’re off. Am I going to an audition? Or can I simply be myself today?

When did you discover your V-side? 

Basically, when you become tired of fashion that is ordinary and conventional, when normal sunglasses seem boring, that’s when you unleash your V-Side. That’s when you choose a different path… 

How does your V-side impact your life as an actress? 

I guess it’s understanding that this profession is not about staying in your comfort zone, or doing the things you are familiar with and that you know you are good at. It’s about pushing yourself, taking risks and standing fearlessly on the edge of the precipice. And it’s about trying to be different. 

How does your V-side change the way you choose your outfits and accessories? 

Just like in my profession, you don’t always get it right. Sometimes you even get it completely wrong. But the most important thing is having a go. Trying to be different, unique, and not just being one of the masses. Being bold and daring, experimenting with new outfits or accessories – sometimes things you never imagined yourself wearing – and trusting your own inspiration and creativity. 

What accessories do you prefer while riding a bicycle? 

I always try to wear comfortable footwear and avoid sweatpants. Riding a bike is not a session at the gym, it’s part of your day so you need to make it fit with your look!