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Clara Alonso bed
I’m used to re-inventing my look at work.
I change my make-up and switch my clothes 
a dozen times a day. But getting ready to go
out? Well, that’s a completely different story. 
I like to pick looks that reflect who I am 
and accentuate my features

After applying some barely-there make-up,
I put on comfortableyet stylish glasses, 
which always perfectly complement my look.
Clara Alonso mirror
The best thing about being an actress
is that I get to transform into someone
different every day. But what I like best
is when I get to be myself, experimenting
with style and trying new poses
. It also
helps me prepare for a great night out!
Feeling beautiful every day shouldn’t
be a hassle. For me, it’s about being able
to do what I want and having fun.
Clara Alonso door
When I get ready for a special night out high heels are a must. But depending on where the evening takes me, I might need another pair of shoes.  Like tonight: I can’t wait to kick off my heels!
Discover her V-side and check out the video.

When did you discover your V-Side?

I’m an actress, so I need to constantly search for new characters to create and new lives to live. I’m really active; I love traveling and discovering new cultures, people and places. I remember when I had to learn how to ice skate for my work. I thought it was going to be really difficult (and it was), but I soon discovered it was also like flying with music. I felt so alive and free. From that moment, dancing with ice skates became one of my passions.  

How do you express yourself when you’re not wearing ice skates?

I express myself when I’m doing something creative, when I’m acting, and when I’m with my friends and family. Moving to new places and living in a different country helped me realize who I am and what I want to do. I know that waiting for things to happen won’t make me happy; I need to take the risk and go for it. Dancing and acting help me express myself in a very special way.

How does your V-Side influence your style and how you accessorize? 

I usually choose my accessories according to the activity and weather. I love accessories; they are my favorite thing about fashion. I can be wearing a pair of jeans and a white shirt, but depending on which accessories I choose, I can create different looks. If I’m going for a minimal look, I will choose something unique that adds that special touch.