As an actress, I often find myself experimenting with all kinds of outfits. I always love trying on different styles, but what I like most is when my look really speaks for itself. Take today, for example – I’ve chosen a theme that is especially close to my heart and soon I’ll tell you why. Of course, my glasses are a must for that touch of glamour.
I still have more shopping to do, but first it’s great to stop and refuel on some fruit! It’s going to be a busy afternoon, and energy levels are high. One reason is because I have a special guest who I can’t wait for you to meet. There’s something unique between us, and our encounter really changed my life. He taught me to always fight to defend what I love.
Through my work, I am always discovering new and beautiful places, but today’s spot is truly special, and makes me feel at home. Soon you’ll see for yourself. Now see how the breeze gives my hair a natural look. Prepare to discover my wild side.
We can’t wait for you to meet Toey’s special friend.
Stay tuned to discover her V-Side!

What's your ready-to-go style for your days out and about in the nature?

Casual & adveturous style 

Do you feel better looking when working on set or when living your V-Side in the nature? 

I prefer myself when I have to work and travel and surround myself with the nature.

We know you're co-founder of an evironmental education center in Thailand, which related projects are you currently working on?  

There are so many projects I'm currently working on. But the special project is "Fighting Extinction" - aim to preserve wildlife.