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2017 Edition
Stunning retro-chic shapes, luminous colours and essential details – all in the eclectic vibe of the 90’s.
Gigi Hadid makes her style statement by designing exclusive collection for Vogue Eyewear.
Check out these trendy shapes and find out more about Gigi's unique style and personality.
VO4083S photo VO4083S gigi


Gigi invites you to step on the wild side with these bold, vintage-style sunnies. Light squared shape with a colourful twist: a look with an active vibe that your boyfriend might even try to steal!

VO4084 photo VO4084 gigi


Gigi focuses on the small yet eye-catching detail such as oval-shaped lenses and ultra-slim frames in refined tones.
Because when you have lots to say, less is more.

VO5211S photo VO5211S gigi

Look with a stand-out attitude

The catwalk queen strikes again! This time with the reinterpretation of a classic cat-eye shape. Exclusive colour combos for a glam look with a stand-out attitude

VO4082S photo VO4082S gigi

Luminous Colours

It’s all about the lenses. Light-tint shades bring luminous colour to this light metal shape, defining a new kind of contemporary sophistication.